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Rob Thompson Artist

Growing up, I always had a knack for creativity. I vividly remember building Lego animals at four and honing my drawing skills using garden birds from my grandma’s books at six. Art became a lifelong passion of mine, from my school and college years, all the way through my professional career.

However, it wasn’t until I was confined to bed for eight months due to a historical stress fracture in my neck that I rediscovered my love for drawing. The multiple commissions I received in the years following my recovery solidified my decision to pursue art as a career.

My artwork is a balance of abstract application and detailing. I strive to create striking pieces that use bright colours and the manipulation of materials to produce differing layers. My focus is enhancing crucial areas for likeness while maintaining abstraction.

As an artist, I hope to bring warmth, creativity, and colour to the spaces my artwork occupies. My personal quote sums it up: “I want to create bold, striking artworks which bring bright colours, creative imagery and warmth to the spaces which they are placed within.”

Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my work, good luck to all.

Drawing of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007


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Baby Portrait


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What My Clients Say

Sam Downton

I’ve bought a few paintings off Rob now, such a great painter when it comes to wanting an expressionate piece of art.

The original paintings were breathtakingly beautiful and truly showcased Rob’s talent and creativity.

Jenna Smith

The fine art prints were of exceptional quality and made a stunning addition to my home decor.

Sam Stevens

My Drawing Portfolio